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mardi 29 avril 2014

Coming wokshops

- For those interested in statistics and climate, a workshop of weather generators in Avignon (France), Sep 15-17, 2014
- Symposium "Extremes 2014" Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover/Germany, October 6/7, 2014
- the slides of the Workshop RARE & EXTREME supported by ANR PERTURBATIONS from monday 24 march to friday 28 march 2014 are now available


- 3-year PhD fellowship on "Return period modeling of extreme surface rainfall in a mediterranean mountainous region (Cévennes-Vivarais) "  in statistics at the Laboratory for the study of Transfers in Hydrology and Environment (LTHE), University of Grenoble, France. Contact Juliette BLANCHET juliette.blanchet at

-  a Post-doc Position inProbability and/or Statistics applied to Actuarial Science and Climate Science at the Institute of Financial Science and Insurance (Lyon), contact Esterina Masiello  esterina.masiello at